Kalak Vodka & Kalak Peat Cask Vodka Bundle


To celebrate Father’s Day we have created this special offer bundle comprising of our two unique single malt vodkas. Handcrafted in Ireland Kalak Single Malt Vodka and Kalak Peat Cask Single Malt Vodka are wonderful expressive vodka’s full of character and flavour from the production processes involved.

Kalak Single Malt Vodka:
Kalak is meticulously crafted from the best of Irish malted barley, and pure mountain water. Four times pot distilled in West Cork, it is pure, smooth and intriguingly complex.
Kalak Peat Cask Single Malt Vodka:
Distilled four times in a copper pot still, using Irish malted barley and pure mountain water, this single malt vodka is then finished in virgin oak casks, charred over an Irish peat fire.